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You have seen our pest control banner on one or several website(s)& app(s) because you visited our website some time ago. You have been retargeted.

Now we can do retargeting for your pest company so your website visitors. can see your retargeting banner (we create for you) on same on the websites/apps and 1000s of others. And right now you can save more than 2000$

More than 95% of your website visitors don’t contact you, now you can retarget them, the same way we retargeted you.

Our beta offer is 249$ (599$) for 4000 impressions but since you where retargeted you get 50$ off, so your price is 199$ and if you buy now your price will be 199$ for the next 5 retargeting orders, so you can save 2400 $

Retargeted beta mode price 199$   (Beta mode price 249$)  (Future price 599$)for 4000 impressions

Beta bonus offers:

  • Premium listing for Free
  • Custom-made “Appointment Scheduling form” for pest inspection/estimate for Free. Click here to read more and test our demo.
  • Monthly “Appointment scheduling form”  maintenance fee for Free for a minimum of 3 months.
  •  199$  for 4000 impressions is locked for the 5 following times you buy retargeting from us.
  • 50$ coupon on our live calls starter package valid for 14 days after we start your campaign.
  • We create the retargeting banners like the ones below for FREE

Prices when this offer is gone:

  • Premium listing: 199$  a year
  • Custom-made Appointment Schedule form:  249$
  • Monthly Appointment schedule form  maintenance fee: 50$
  • Retargeting price 599$
  • Banner creation 249$
  •  50$ coupon on Live calls gone

How much can your Pest control company save?

  • 199$ dollar is locked for the 5 following times you buy retargeting from us. 599$-199 = 400 dollar x 6 = 2400 dollar
  • Monthly Appointment schedule form  maintenance fee for 3 months x50$ =150
  • Premium listing: 199$
  • Banner creation: 249$
  • Custom made Appointment scheduling form: 249$
You can save more than 3000$ starting NOW. We delete this offer page when we reach 20 retargeting customers
Today you probably only follow up with 1-5% of your website visitors, now is the best time to start following up with most of your visitors, before this beta offer is gone. 
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Some retargeting facts/stats:

  • 59% of marketers ranked retargeting as the top MarTech trend in 2020 (Ascend2, 2020).
  • 70% of marketers use retargeting for brand awareness, 60% for social engagement, and 58% for customer retention (IAB, n.d.).
  • Digital marketers spend 41% of their paid display ad budgets on retargeting (Lazar, 2020).
  • 68% of digital marketing agencies are shifting a larger portion of their budgets to retargeting because it works (Lazar, 2020).

  • Retargeted customers are three times more likely to click on your ad than people who haven’t interacted with your business before (Saleh, n.d.).
  • People who see retargeted ads are up to 70% more likely to convert (Costello, 2019).
  • Web traffic can increase by a staggering 700% with retargeting (Lazar, 2020).
  • The average click-through rate (CTR) for display ads is 0.07% versus 0.7% for retargeted ads. This means that on average, retargeting ad performance is 10 times better than a regular display ad (Wishpond, n.d.)
  • Retargeting generated the highest lift in business name searches by 1,046% (Nikolovska, 2021)
  • 97% of visitors that leave do not return to a website (Mailchimp, n.d.)
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