Estimate/inspection Appointment Scheduling form

Appointment Scheduling form for pest estimate/inspection

We custom-make “Appointment Scheduling Forms” for Pest control companies. With the Appointment Scheduling form, customers can check when your pest control company has available time and schedule an inspection/estimate online without calling or emailing your staff.  Customers can also reschedule and cancel.

You will find a link to our demo scheduling form under the benefits.

Benefits of using an Appointment Scheduling form 
1. Ease of Use

The biggest benefit of an appointment scheduler is that the ‘traditional’ way of making appointments is excruciatingly slow. Normally, a customer or client has to call your business and discuss a slot for an appointment. This often means that companies have to hire extra staff, which increases costs.

Making appointments in the ‘old’ way also increases the opportunity for miscommunications and errors to enter into the process. Taking down phone numbers and email addresses by hand is cumbersome, and if you make a mistake, your client will be unreachable if you need to change or discuss the appointment.

women shedules a pest comtrol estimate

2. “Always On” Service

Moving your appointment scheduler online also means that you are more available for your clients. In today’s connected and busy world, clients often don’t have time to make appointments during office hours: research shows that 35% of clients prefer scheduling appointments during non-business hours, and 40% of online bookings happen after hours. These are significant numbers.

An appointment scheduler can give your clients 24/7 access to your appointments system at a much lower cost than hiring a few extra staff to reply to queries outside of office hours.

3. Increased Attendance

Clients missing appointments is certainly annoying, but the consequences go far beyond this. Even if 5% of your clients don’t make their appointments, you are losing out on 5% of your revenue. Potentially more than 5%, in fact, because high-value clients are generally the busiest, and therefore the most likely to forget an appointment with your team.

An appointment scheduler can dramatically reduce no-shows by automatically sending out appointment reminders, and by integrating with your clients’ online calendars. This is something that healthcare companies realized many years ago, and have had huge success with: In a study on the effectiveness of SMS appointment reminders, the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine found that no-shows decreased by a huge 39% when facilities sent out text reminders.

Scheduling a pest service

4. Better Security

An often-overlooked advantage of appointment schedulers is that they can make your appointment system more secure than traditional approaches. Before the advent of online appointment systems, administrators generally kept track of appointments in a centralized database which wasn’t well protected and left data at serious risk. A hacker who gained access to a company’s network could easily get a huge list of client names, numbers, and addresses.

Since appointment scheduling systems use cloud storage, they are inherently more secure than self-managed systems.

6. Integrated Marketing

One of the biggest challenges faced by online businesses is converting visitors and engagement into appointments. Without a strong and easy CTA (call-to-action) in all of your marketing materials, you will miss out on a lot of business. A strong CTA can increase conversions on software sales by 32%. Neglecting to test your CTA is also another cardinal sin.

An appointment booking system lets clients see your availability and services directly from your outreach materials. By including a link to your booking system in an email, for instance, you provide customers with an easy, no-commitment way to check out your services.

Links to your automated appointment booking system can also be included in many other places: on your website, of course, but also in your Twitter feed and social media profiles. Doing this will ensure that your marketing efforts are well-integrated and that you don’t let any customer engagement go to waste!

7. Saving Time, Money, & Paper

You and your team only have so many hours in the day, and you don’t want to waste them on tasks your website could do for you.
If you’ve worked with a paper-based scheduling system, you will know that systems like that can quickly become enormously complex. Every appointment needs to be entered by hand into a master diary, and then each employee needs to make their  copy.

‘Traditional’ systems like that are simply a huge waste of time, money, and paper. Given that, it’s no wonder that a survey from management consulting company The Alternative Board has pointed out that 60% of small business owners would spend less time dealing with paper systems, and that 39% of these business owners said that dealing with paperwork is the biggest waste of their time.

An online appointment booking system gets around all these problems and lets you focus on what matters most: engaging with your clients.

9. Multi-Channel Appointments

Online appointment schedulers also have another huge advantage: they allow your customers to interact with your business across the entire range of devices. Today, it’s quite common that a client will see your storefront when they are driving by, check out your business on their laptop, and then try and book an appointment on their phone.

If you are not offering the ability to book appointments across all these channels, you are missing out on revenue opportunities

Integrating your appointment system with smartphones is, arguably, the most important channel today. This is where most people keep track of their appointments, after all, and so it is also where appointment reminders are most effective.


10. Reducing Mistakes

Automatic appointment booking systems also cut out many of the errors that humans can introduce into appointment booking systems. Making a mistake with a customers’ contact details can have significant consequences: not only in terms of missed appointments but making mistakes like this also makes your company look unprofessional.

An online appointment booking system doesn’t make mistakes like that. It will also allow you to produce a database that contains all of the contact details of your highest value clients, and so can be used as the starting point for outreach campaigns.

Our price for this service is 249$

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Smart Appointment Scheduling form /chatbot stats

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78% of customers buy from the company that responds first.
69% of users prefer the Appointment Scheduling form because they provide quick answers. (Salesforce)
56 % of users prefer to use the chatbot/Appointment Scheduling form, then call customer services or fill out a form and wait for an answer  (“Outgrow”)
30% of support costs can be saved by using the Appointment Scheduling form (IBM)
36% of businesses use the Appointment Scheduling form to generate more leads. 5 (Tidia)

Some examples of the customizations :

  • Decide how big the automatic time gaps are between inspections.
  • Decide time-gap for cancellations rescheduling this means how many hours customers can cancel/reschedule before the inspection/estimate.
  • Define workload by daily and weekly limits for how many inspections your company can do.
  • Decide when and how many reminders are sent to customers and pest technicians.

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