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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sales & Support Chatbot specifically made for Pest control companies. (PestAssistAI)

PestAssistAI outperforms most humans 95% of the time.

Free to install. Limited beta offer

Free AI pest control support

We also give you 5 customers, no p a y m e n t details needed, but only if you take action now,while we are in beta.

You pay ZERO if you don’t get any customers from us; you only have to pay when you have confirmed the new customer we have scheduled for you.So its Riskfree for you

According to a Harvard study, A.I. chatbots increase profits by 20-40% Because they always respond fast.

PestAssistAI schedules and reschedules appointments unlike the old chatbots without AI.

We are still in beta so for a limited time we dont need any payment information before after 5 free customers

We only charge when our AI bot schedules new customers for you.

Request a demo for your pest company

If you choose to continue using PestAssistAI after the 5 free customer, you get 1 year for free premium when pestAssist AI has scheduled 1 customer for you

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610 West Jefferson Street, Brooksville, FL 34601


2380 NE 195th St, Miami, FL 33180

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Beta offer: Only  29 $ for a year with Premium listing.