Pest control livecalls

Do you need more highly qualified pest control live calls coming in right Now?

  • We only deliver the best live phone calls and we even have a  review and dispute process where you can listen to call recordings and get credit for the calls that aren’t qualified.
  • We make sure you only get charged for the leads from people that actually need help.
  • Did you know that more than 90 % of all lead providers give their leads to 5 different companies? That’s why we transfer our live calls straight to our customers so they are the only ones getting those calls.


  • We care about you getting more booked jobs because we know you will come back to us again and again for years to come
  • Unlike other providers out there, pest control is the only industry we drive phone calls in.
  • We will send you live and exclusive phone calls for:
    -Pest control
    -Bed bug removal
    -Termite removal
    -Rodent removal
    -Mosquito Removal
    -Roach Removal
    -Wasp Removal
    – We will add more pest soon

Here are 2 example calls that we’ve delivered for our other clients (give them a quick listen).

Live calls · CRecord1

Live calls · Crecord2

If you have questions, we have a FAQ page here, Livechat in the right corner, a Contact Us page, and E-mail.

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