The connected world of pests

9 October 2021

Pest management companies are looking beyond traditional methods of pest control to reduce costs, add value, and retain customers. Technology and automation are increasingly being accepted as the way forward in the industry. An integrated pest management system that can seamlessly track all pests across several regions and notify PCOs of any potential situation requiring attention can significantly reduce the man hours needed and improve pest control business efficiency.

Pest control sensor


The future is going to be a connected world of pest management. Innovations like the Internet of Pests (IoP®) from Brandenburg, are set to revolutionize the pest control industry. Current sensor technologies have made tremendous progress, and now PCOs have the capability of remotely monitoring pest activity 24/7. They can simultaneously track all types of pests

The sensors collect relevant data from the network of preinstalled base stations and deliver it to a unique intelligent digital platform. For example, Brandenburg’s intelligent fly counter capabilities go beyond simply counting the number of flies in real time as they land on the sensor and then showcasing it on an intelligent dashboard. The fly counter also alerts PCOs when there is a threshold limit breach and notifies when the glue board is full, protecting the customer and saving a significant amount of time compared to the traditional method of manually executing these tasks


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