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    Ashley Atiles
    September 24, 2022

    I have requested that services be stopped and they have come out to my home without anyone being here and turn around and billed me. I was billed even thought I requested to stop services and no one was even here for them to treat. I refuse to pay the bill and now they are threatening to turn me into collections. I have saved messages where I asked them to not come and I have them on video coming to my home while I’m not here trying to treat and leaving a bill stuck on my door. They called again today saying they were coming to treat Monday. I requested AGAIN they don’t come out here. Outside of hiring a lawyer, I don’t know how to keep them away from my house and keep them from billing me. This is the most insane thing I have ever seen. Go to Gator Country Pest Control. Trust me. It’s easier to get divorced than it is to shake these folks.

    L. MB.
    October 08, 2022

    Terrible service from start to finish - the pest control person would randomly text or call the day before he expected to be able to show up, was mad sounding when I would ask to schedule for a different day in the same week (would get huffy with me when I would try to give him a general schedule of my semester), they randomly showed up to my house without permission one time and since I wasn't home they just sprayed my lawn (which I had explicitly asked them not to do several times), then pinned a bill to my door - no one called me, texted, or emailed. I was livid - the manager (?) removed the charge when I called and told them how unprofessional their employees behavior was. They had me contracted at 85.00 per treatment, but all they did was leave the bait dots in the kitchen and bathroom (literally putting right under my plates in my cabinets one time) - when I asked them to do something more they would always make excuses as to why it wasn't necessary. The final straw was when they last showed up and then charged me 91.00 dollars without any warning (written, verbal, phone call, nothing) before doing the treatment. I called to cancel, told them why, and the person on the phone was very snarky with me regarding my reasoning as to why I wanted to cancel anything with them when they asked for a reason (reason being their unprofessional workers and a sudden and undiscussed price range). I've worked with another company in Gainesville before through my last apartment complex and they were wonderful, so I'm going to see if they can treat the place I'm at now for a reasonable rate. edit to clarify: if one of your representatives come on to my property again and spray without my permission, I will file a police report for trespassing. We do not have a contract and my service is paid and canceled.

    Kelly Jackson
    June 28, 2022

    What is going on with FL pest control??? Used them for over 20 yrs and 4 houses. Tried to transfer service to St Augustine after buying a house....holy cow what a headache. Took me over 3 attempts to get a call back for service. Finally, got the service and the person was late. They no longer have a corporate office. I asked to have my account transfered back to my original office and waiting for that to happen. So what is going on??? Did the company get sold??? We used to know our service reps so well and they were so organized.

    Anthony Berry
    August 04, 2022

    My apartment uses this company for 4 weeks I have requested service. Worker was given keys per my apartment manager's procedure. No one came in, so today I walked the complex and found the contractor. He refused treatment of the home due my service animal. Said he didn't trust me. Left. This is a violation of the American's with Disabilities act. I love doing these reviews and then someone says we are going to take of this and they don't. SO whoever did the owner response, your company or its representatives still haven't contacted me and another week of your service at my apartments has passed with no one spraying my apartment.

    Timmy Xie
    August 02, 2022

    I tried to contact Florida pest control multiple times to cancel my service, but no one knew what they doing. Ended up getting charged the full amount even though no service was performed. They couldn't refund it even they didn't perform service and was also not able to prorate it from the time that the property was sold. Only paid because they threatened me to send to collections agency - again no service performed, for a property I don't own.

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