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    Ashraf Elkotaney
    July 26, 2022

    I used several pest control companies in the area and faced with many major issues with them. However, I did not encounter one issue since I started using the Turner Pest Control (Formerly Brooker Pest Control). They are always on time and on top of everythings. I have one of the toughest weeds growing in my grass that no other pest control company was able to either suppress or get rid of it. However, I find Dakota, a Manager and future President at Turner Pest Control, supports me on my fight against that tough weed. He normally checks on the status of the weed and makes recommendations of what we need to do. He frequently examines the yards to ensure that things are working as planned. Most importantly, he educates me of the steps that he and I will need to take to achieve my goals. I believe the Company has the best services in town and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have quality work to be done at her or his home.

    Jen Bacon
    January 14, 2020

    We just had our house sprayed for fleas. It is a small house with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. We have one cat and one dog that are on strong vet recommended flea medicine. They sprayed about a week ago and since then our house has still been infested with fleas. We have bought three different at home flea sprays, wash our bedding every morning, threw out all the rugs and set up traps over the house after they sprayed. None of the at home options are working and now we are also out $150 for the treatment we bought through Brooker Pest Control. We personally suffer from flea bites all over our legs and see fleas jumping constantly in our rooms. When we called and asked Brooker Pest Control if there was anything they could do, they told us that they won't do a retreatment and that the person we talked to beforehand should have suggested a flea treatment for the yard. She asked if we wanted to have someone come out and do treatment on the yard and then we would also need another treatment on the house. This would be another couple hundred for us to do after already wasting money on the first treatment. Very disappointed with the service we received and with the customer service we got after calling back and asking if there is anything they could do. Below are pictures of the traps just from this past week after they sprayed.

    Karen Melvin
    April 29, 2022

    I can not say enough good about this company!! I have used them before for bee removal from a tree in my yard. This time was for rodent removal in my attic and garage. Mitchell was the technician who performed the initial service call. He was running late, but called ahead of time to let me know to expect his late arrival. Mitchell came in ready to assess and get to work with his flashlight in hand. When I asked him to sit and allow me to share what I had already done to combat the problem, he was willing to sit and listen. As I shared what I already had done, Mitchell shared the things that could be done and the prices. As we talked more about what had been done Mitchell seemed confident that I was on the right track to eliminating the problem. Mitchell offered tips and suggestions as to other things that I could do. He was confident that I was on the right track, but just needed a few more tricks of the trade to get me through. It was almost as if the time we spent talking was the pep talk that I needed to get through this ordeal. I have tried Mitchell's suggestions and feel as though I am on the road to complete rodent removal. Mitchell's pep talk was just what I needed! He has a few tricks up his sleeve for rodent removal too. The peanut butter on the glue traps is working like a charm. The icing on the cake was that in our chat about rodent removal, I found out that I had previously taught Mitchell's children in elementary school. Mitchell left offering me the service provided if and when I felt like I needed it, but was confident that I was armed with the proper skills to do the job correctly. No cost at all to me and I truly and honestly felt like we both received payment in the conversation we shared. This company is top notch. There is no pressure to buy. They are honest, fair, and customer orientated. I wouldn't use any other pest control around!

    Eric Trinque
    January 27, 2022

    Brooker Pest has been fantastic with one of our rental properties, we had a bug issue stated by tenants and Brooker came out multiple times to deal with the issue and were denied entry but kept a professional and upbeat attitude. Both technicians that serviced our property were kind, courteous, and knowledgeable about their process and taught me a ton. I am GREATFUL to know that as a REALTOR I can confidently reccomend Brooker Pest to my clients for all services and know that they will be taken care of. 10/10 would reccomend.

    Christine Animal Lover
    July 03, 2022

    I took over the prior bond from the previous owner. Not being familiar with termites etc I just assumed I was fully covered and when I took it over I was never told what it covered so it's my not knowing and them not explaining the coverage. Both are at fault. I had an issue and the inspector did come over right away but then informed me that only subterranean termites are covered. Unfortunately that's not enough in Florida. Or at least not when it's a wooden home/surrounded by trees. Transparency would have been welcome especially with an ownership change

    Brooker Pest Control, Inc

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    4454 SW 41st Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32608, USA
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