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    Marko R
    November 09, 2017

    I've use 3 other companies, no doubt I found the best! How do I determine the "best." I found this company online as I was not 100% satisfied with the companies I used in the past, therefore, I looked for positive reviews and found Al Harris Pest Control. I left a message, Al Harris staff called me back promptly and professionally, setting the tone for my continued dialogue and consideration of a contract and work to be done. Secondly, I had a follow up call with Patrick, who continued the positive and professional tone which I can only assume stems from the leadership of organization. Patrick listened to my needs, provided solutions for two of my properties and did not hesitate to resolve expeditiously. Thirdly, since Patrick handles the "non termite" jobs, without hesitation he also included a colleague of his named Gary, who handles the termite mitigation. Gary required no follow up, he continued to keep me informed of the job throughout and continues to do so as the termite mitigation is currently in process. Finally, I love when folks take customer service seriously and convey the "old school" mentality of hard work, dedication to the company and customers. While I do not know "Al," I can only assume if his employees seem appreciated, it is spilling over to a positive experience to his customers, I find this to be a positive culture facilitated by strong leadership or good hiring practices. Regardless of the reason, Al Harris deserves "5 Star" rating because of he aforementioned, fair prices and more. Well done, and look forward to a continued positive relationship. Satisfied Customer

    Armando Perez Contractor & Realtor
    September 25, 2022

    Good service but still having hard time getting rid of roaches.

    Jeff Goldstein
    January 16, 2021

    This company is taking advantage of people. Despite cancelling our service, they continue to say “they did a service” and send a bill. We switched companies over 2 years ago and they send a bill and then call saying we owe them money. Not ethical!

    Cliff Peek
    August 01, 2019

    Very unfortunate experience. I had an infestation of a specific type of ant. They sent out Anthony who is apparently the only employee who services my area (Palm Aire). He treated the infestation and promised the problem should be completely gone within three days. He offered a one time charge of $125 or a service contract of $75 every three months ($300 per year). I opted for the service contract which presumably includes any call-backs required to solve a problem. A week later, my infestation was still a problem. He came back, re-applied, and assured me there would be no way the problem wasn't solved. One week later, which was two weeks after his first visit, the problem still persisted. I called the office and suggested they either send a more experienced person or give me a refund so I could work with someone else. They promised to send another tech (Justin) within one to two days, and this tech would call right away to schedule. It is now yet another week later (three weeks since the original treatment), the infestation is as bad as it was on day one, and I am still waiting for that call. I will now have to fight for a refund which they probably will refuse so that I can spend the money with a different exterminator who will hopefully get results and stand behind their work. I will update this post as to whether they issue a refund or not. Update 7/19: I have been chasing them for a refund for several days. My voicemails have not been returned but earlier today I was promised by the receptionist that Diane, the manager, would call me back today. As the day is ending, I called and was told she is in but will not make time for me until Monday. I reiterated that I simply want a refund since they have been unable to do their job after three attempts, and they shouldn't be playing games with their reputation over a simple and small refund--just issue the refund instead of forcing me to chase them. However, they repeated that the manager will put it off yet again until Monday. There should be no need for me to constantly chase them; they should simply issue a refund for their failed results. If they have a dissatisfied customer, they should scramble to solve the problem, not dodge and avoid. Shameful. More updates will be posted as this unfolds. Update 7/31: Today I finally received a refund check, but every step of the way I had to chase and follow up. My calls were never returned, and the time I had to spend to continually call and apply pressure for a resolution was inexcusable. Companies can make a mistake or fail, but when they do the true test is how they step up to the plate and how they treat their customer. Save yourself the aggravation and call a different exterminator.

    Dawn Beles
    January 28, 2020

    We paid $1500, we were promised by Gary that our problem would be taken care of. After several attempts we still have problem. They will not give us the money back, or take care of it. Gary will not call Or text us back or respond to us now.

    Al Harris Pest Control

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    6100 Palmer Blvd Unit A, Sarasota, FL 34232, USA
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